VNA Pallet Racking

2 - VNA Pallet Racking

VNA stands for “Very Narrow Aisle”. There are Material Handling Equipment’s which needs very narrow aisle, i.e. less than 2 meters. Hence more pallet positions are possible compared to other MHE’s. VNA can reach up to 12 metre high. VNA Racking is nothing but Selective Pallet Racking but compatible to VNA Equipment. This VNA equipment needs special guides. These guides may be mechanical rails or electrical wires. Mechanical guide rails are widely practiced for ease and economy. However, VNA equipment demand high level of floor accuracy.

 Scalable – Vertically and Horizontally
 Adaptable to varying pallet / load heights
 Need special Material Handling Equipments and guides
 Wide range of beam & uprights offer the most optimal solution for any pallet size/load
 Suitable to all applications such as RM stores, FG stores, Distribution Centre etc.
 Offer fast throughput