Selective Pallet Racking

1 Selective Pallet Racking

Selective Pallet Racking is the simplest & economical racking system which allows 100% accessibility to each pallet. This racking is suitable for large variety of SKU’s irrespective of quantity.
 Scalable – Vertically and Horizontally
 Adaptable to varying pallet / load heights
 Wide range of beam & uprights offer the most optimal solution for any pallet size/load
 Suitable to all applications such as RM stores, FG stores, Distribution Centre etc
 Compatible to most of the Material Handling Equipments(MHE) like Forklift, Stacker, Reach Truck
 Variety of Racking Accessories are available to enhance safety during the pallet handling operation of MHEs
Suitable to offer fast throughput
 Pallet Supports
 Entry Guide Pallet Support
 Fork Entry Bars
 Pallet Stopper
 Upright and Row Guards